Dr. Tan Do Yew

Dr. Tan Do Yew is the Regional Technical Manager for Companion Animals for ASEAN, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. He has more than 15 years of working experience in Animal Health Industry in different regional roles with extensive background in technical, regulatory, and commercial operations. Dr. Tan is currently based in the regional office in Singapore.

16 July 2022 (Day 2)

Time Session
  • Vaccination of Companion Animals in the Malaysian Context
    Dr. Tan Do Yew Speaker
  • Malaysia Veterinary Surgeons - The Crossroad
    Dr. Kiew Lik Jun Presenters
  • Hematuria Detection: A Tool for the Early Detection and Monitoring of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
    Dr. Kavindaran Krisnasamy Presenters
  • Cat Care Management: Challenges in Malaysian Veterinary Practices
    Dr Syamira Syazuana Zaini Presenters
  • Basic Principles of Shelter Medicine Practiced in Malaysian Shelter
    Dr Priyani UG Syril Presenters
  • LOAD, COAST & Canadian Consensus on Canine Osteoarthritis(OA) Treatment: a Brief Update on Proactive OA Care
    Dr. Melissa Phoon Presenters
  • Veterinary Medical Problems among Pet Rabbits from an Exotic Animal Practice in Kuala Lumpur: A 8-year Study
    Assoc. Prof. Dato' Dr. Vellayan Subramaniam Presenters